Drum dryer jacket

Transmission Case

Prijenosna kutija dijela pristroja

Degasification closed tankshell

Bulk container

Condensate Tank

Production of galvanized grate, stair treads and landings

External  Eco – Lower Part

Trailer chassis repair

Bearing beam for crane with load capacity of Q = 25,0

Air transport troughs

Panel installation

Metal construction molds – rectangular and circular

Pipe channels

Clamps and stainless steel shoulder for DDS filters for sugar production

Magnetic grid

Packing line (hood)


Dedusting system

Water turbine diffuser and worm gear

Steam jacket

Transport bridge D3 – Petrokemija

The middle bearing station of the rotary kiln and the outlet part of the rotary kiln – Petrokemija

Dismantling of the sloping cross of the church in Banovci

Gate making

Grains and oilseeds storage/warehouse

Open communal container

Container on wheels

1,7 m3, capacity: 1,2t

Replacement of the hangar cover

EP-ING Drives


Installation of the hall in Vinkovci

Installation of chimney pipes on the Viro lime kiln

Installation of chimney pipes on the Županja lime kiln

Wastewater treatment plant