EP-ING bases its activities and works on the needs of its customers, and our main activities are:

  • production and assembly of all types of hardware
  • production and installation of silo, tanks, tanks, pipelines, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, etc. components
  • overhaul, reconstruction, rehabilitation and repair of refineries, cement plants, sugar refineries, and similar installations
  • overhaul, reconstruction, rehabilitation and repair of construction machinery and equipment
  • production and erection of steel structures, coating of various types of halls, warehouses, sales and business premises (construction of cold and hot rolled profiles, coating of sheets or panels of different thicknesses of insulation)
  • we work with all kinds of materials, pressure steels, structural steels, machine building steels, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

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Workshop production and services

Two fully equipped production workshops provide unlimited possibilities for the production of various metal products.

  • Manufacture of all types of hardware
  • Production of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pressure pipelines, silos, ducts, etc.
  • Production of all types of steel structures
  • Production of finished objects, containers, etc.
  • Corrosion protection with standard and special purpose coatings
  • Cutting, bending, machining and welding services of sheets, profiles and tubes of all kinds of metals

Construction and maintenance of industrial plants

EP-ING has extensive experience in the construction and maintenance of industrial plants. We are present in all major industries.

  • Refinery facilities
  • Cement
  • sugar factory
  • Energy industry
  • Petroleum product terminals
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Asphalt bases

Maintenance, repair and repair of hardware

  • Maintenance of the machinery in operation and modification, repair and repair of the damaged hardware
  • Repair welding, welding of damaged wear parts, etc.
  • Production of new parts and components
  • Assembling and testing

Construction of production, sales and business facilities

  • Creation of workshop documentation
  • Production and assembly of load-bearing steel structures in industry and construction
  • Sheet metal, paneling, sheathing, gutters and downhills